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Ensure you set your lines on the vehicle for applying the Graphics.. use a chinagraph type pencil which easily wipes away with isopropanol

carefully peel away the backing from your decal, ensuring all letters detail etc are left face downon the application tape.
This is often done better on a flat surface unless you are experienced at removing backing from this type of decal.

Lay the decal face down and slowly peel away the backing at a diagonal to the graphic.

Carefully apply the decal to the vehicle ensuring that it aligns with your pre drawn marks on the vehicle.

Once you're happy that the decal is in alignment and in the right position, use a flat spreader or credit card to rub over the tip of the decal to ensure its adhesion.

Carefully peel away the application tape at a slight diagonal to your decal and ensure all parts of the decal are stuck with no air bubbles.

Use a soft cloth or felt spreader to smooth out any bubbles.. if you have a stubborn bubble use a very sharp needle point to puncture the vinyl and allow the air to be smoothed out.

Repeat the instructions for any further parts of your graphic/Decal

apply the decal carefully to your lines

Smooth out the decal with a spreader

Gently peeal away the application tape

Stand back and admire your work :)

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