You can have your company identity transferred to anything you like at a very economical cost using our High Quality Vynil Lettering and Logo Design Service. ( NB Rainbow Vynil Graphics are at extra costs to the kits below as they require a specialist vynil for the rainbows )

Text & Graphics kits allow text in 1 or 2 colours and upto 2 square meters of high quality Cut Vynil graphics including logos
Choose a kit to cover both side panels or both side panels and the rear doors.

Vehicle type Side panels only with graphics Side panels & rear with graphics

£59.00 £69.00
Small van £85.00 £99.00
Medium van £99.00 £119.00
Large van £109.00 £129.00

Each kit comes with pre-cut and spaced self-adhesive vinyl ready to apply to your vehicle.
Full instructions are also supplied.

"How long will the stickers last?"
We use an exterior grade Gloss vinyl with 3-5 year external life.
Alternatively for a slightly higher cost we can use a Vinyl rated at 5-7 years external use.
(Obviously these are manufacturers ideal recommendations, ageing is dependant on general use, wear and tear.) We have experience of 3 year vinyl still in perfect condition and in daily use after 7 yrs.

"What designs can I have?"
Any Design you like, There's no restrictions, we can produce anything you like from your vynil, plus extra Vinyl can be added to the job if More letters/Logo's are required.

We can help with your design if you like, just email us for details.

Once you have ordered your sign kit we will send you a draft of the Design before we go to cut. We will discuss with you any changes or additions required before manufacture and agree the Kit price with you. Once all is agreed we will cut and prepare the vynil for your Text & Graphics Kit.

When you are happy with the proof we will proceed with the cutting and preparation of the vinyl.

Van Signs, Car Signs, Truck Signs, Boat Signs,
Bike Decals, Custom Lettering and Logo's
Stickers and Sign writing for all vehicles.

If you can't see what you need then please email us


Custom Stickers to advertise your Action Group or Sports club etc - These can be either cut vynil lettering on a coloured backgroung or purely cut Lettering and logo applied straight to your vehicle. Can be also supplied in Self Cling vynil for the inside of windscreens to be used and re-used.

We are happy to support any environmental and planetary support groups or disabled groups, with a special discount on stickers logo's and url's .


General Price guide for Custom Cut Vynil Lettering
(Standard URL's etc May be charged at less)

Pre Spaced & Supplied with application instructions.
Price Per Letter
Up to 1" (12.5mm) 15p 11in(279mm) £1.40
Up to 2 in(50mm) 20p 11.5in(292mm) £1.50
2.5in(62.5mm) 25p 12in(305mm) £1.60
3in(76mm) 30p 12.5in317mm) £1.70
3.5in(89mm) 35p 13in(330mm) £1.85
4in(101mm) 45p 13.5in(343mm) £2.00
4.5in(114mm) 50p 14in(355mm) £2.20
5in(127mm) 55p 14.5in(368mm) £2.40
5.5in(139mm) 60p 15 in(381mm) £2.60
6in(152mm) 70p 15.5in(393mm) £2.75
6.5in(165mm) 80p 16in(406mm) £2.90
7in(178mm) 85p 16.5in(419mm) £3.00
7.5in(190mm) 95p 17in(432mm) £3.10
8in(203mm) £1.00 17.5in(444mm) £3.20
8.5in(216mm) £1.10 18in(457mm) £3.30
9in(229mm) £1.20 18.5in(469mm) £3.45
9.5 in(241mm) £1.25 19in(483mm) £3.60
10in(254mm)) £1.30 19.5in(495mm £3.75
 10.5 in(267mm)  £1.35  20in(508mm)  £3.90


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If any company finds we are in breach of any copyright law, we will gladly remove their logo from the site.
Most companies recognize the benefits of having their logos immediately available to sign makers and designers for their use in creating artwork for finished projects.